Letter to the editor: Proposition 112 is misguided idea

Don’t miss this letter to the editor in The Castle Rock News-Press. A reader writes:

I am a Colorado geologist who discovered my passion for our dynamic earth at an early age. My role in the oil and gas industry has allowed me to devote my life to studying and protecting the planet that I love while helping to supply us all with affordable, reliable and plentiful energy; energy that sustains life, provides opportunities, and makes possible experiences of which previous generations could only dream.

According to information that can be found at commonsensepolicyroundtable.org:

Proposition 112 would effectively ban oil and gas development in our state, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs, many of which would be outside of the oil and gas industry. It would also erase about $8 billion in state and local tax revenue that supports things such as schools, housing and other local programs.

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