The Sterling Journal-Advocate: Proposition 112 sets back much more than the oil and gas industry

A business owner speaks out against Proposition 112 in the latest article from The Sterling Journal-Advocate:

You may wonder why the owner of a crane and trucking company would be so concerned about a ballot proposal that relates to setbacks in the oil and gas industry. The simple fact is that the ramifications of Proposition 112 go well beyond those companies, businesses, and employees who directly work in or for the oil and gas industry. The ripple effect of passing this measure would be felt by every business and resident of our state.

In the case of my company, which is one of Colorado’s oldest, our business is primarily transporting specialized loads and providing cranes in support of the construction and building industry. While I’m not directly in the oil and gas industry, I clearly appreciate the value of the energy industry to our state and local economies. The fact that the oil and gas industry currently generates $30 billion of activity in Colorado annually makes it one of the major engines for our economy. According to experts, Proposition 112 will eliminate 85% of private and non-federal lands from future development. Such a move will severely limit future oil and gas development in our state.

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